Saturday, 9 February 2008

Funky Felt

This week sees the realisation of something I've been meaning to get going on for aaaages! My Funky Felt range for Handmade Heaven

I started with a quickie project for my little bro's birthday present - a bunny to go with 'The bumper book of bunny suicides'. Hope he likes it. It's just to make him smile really :)

Then last night I made a design I have had down on paper for months. It's even better than I thought and looks really smart. Fun & funky which is just what the doctor ordered! This one is available to buy now on my Funky Felt page, with more brothers and sisters coming shortly in different duo colours, each one hand stitched and 'signed' by yours truly.

I've also spent a lot of the day being confused by ecommerce! HELP! I am sure I'll sort it out though.... I hope!

EDIT: latest comments on the egg cosies - looking good! ...

"She’s cute and fun, are you going to do lots of different colours?"

"Aww how cute! And cheery! And just in time for Easter! I can just see it now... the table set for Easter morning breakfast with your lovely coasters, and your egg cosies, and one of your fabby lattice bowls filled with choccy eggs."

"They are brilliant. I’ll be after some when you’re up and running with ‘em"

"Thats adorable"

"They’re so cute and cheerful"

"How cute are they!"

"I love it, it’s soooo cute!"

"Steph they are gorgeous, such a fun idea"

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