Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bye bye 'Ice Blue' notebook

I have so many types of fused glass goodies I sometimes forget what I've made/have for sale! An order came in yesterday for one of my new 'Stax' handmade fused glass rings as well as one of my 'cute little notebooks' in blue. I'd forgotten how sweet they are. Must make more :)
'Lime green' & 'Ice blue' large notebooks, & 'Lilac purple' small size


  1. I saw Laura's post on her blog about the ring she bought which I loved so much I thought I would check out your site myself in the hope of buying my own :-)
    I am also a addicted to gorgeous stationery, especially notebooks so when I saw yours I had to have one!
    I cant wait until they arrive!

  2. They should arrive with you tomorrow Jo. Hope they live up to expectations! S. :)


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