Monday, 13 July 2009

Drilling success!

Hooray! The drill testing is done and dusted and I can thankfully say it went pretty well. It is always very scary drilling anything, but drilling glass is terrifying! I've drilled my glasswork on a small scale with a dremel before but the 8mm holes I needed to do for the clock faces required a bigger set up. This is how things looked before I began. Took a while to set up the drill stand as there were no instructions with it! Not helpful :P I used an electric drill on a slow speed with a carbide drill bit. The glass has to be drilled under water - or you need to rig up some other way of keeping the glass and drill bit lubed and cool. I've done it with a little well of olive oil before but that wouldn't work on this scale. If I do make the 30 x 30cm glass clock faces then I will need to find a bigger tray!

The first attempt, as usual, I tried to rush. This didn't agree with the glass! The result is below. Hmm, it's all about learning. Slower speed required I think :)

This is the second and successful attempt. I am really pleased. It didn't take too long either. I might need to file a little but the edges seem very smooth and if the clock workings are going to fill the hole it should be fine as is.

And just to prove it was 8mm... ;)

The world is now my drilling oyster! :D


  1. Nice one! Well done you. Glad it went OK. :o)

  2. Hurah! Glad it worked. I bet it was nerve wrecking to start with.

  3. I've been reading your blog for some time now and really love your work! I'm drilling holes in my jewelry with diamond core bits, but I haven't been thrilled with the longevity of the bits...I haven't tried the carbide, but might give it a try!

  4. hello melissa :) sorry i've not posted much of interest lately! must make some more glassy goodies soon. things might move ahead with the clock faces so all the drilling terror might've been worthwhile ;)

    yes, go for carbide. i have used diamond in the past with my dremel but it took ages and yes, they wear down fast. the carbide seemed to be really good and the bit doesn't look like it's done any work at all! i got mine from axminster but am sure there are other good places. i like axminster's service and quality tools. good luck and let me know how it goes :)

  5. Thanks Steph! I just love your sense of color! I've only been fusing about a year, but having a great time at it!

    I need to be better about posting my stuff on Etsy and my blog...but that would mean a little less time to do glass!


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