Sunday, 18 October 2009

New glass colours & latticeware bowls

Hello! Hope you've had a nice weekend. I've been busy again doing my usual allsorts but I did get round to some glassy goodies. I have just spent a small fortune - can't help it! - on buying in glass so I can get back into making again. My stock was seriously depleted as I've not re-ordered glass for a long while. I'm looking forward to getting lots of lovely colourful glass mid week (I don't think my supplier uses Royal Mail - huzzah!). I've even ordered a couple of brand new colours for me. 'Periwinkle' opaque and 'Tangerine' opaque. Looking forward to trying them out.
I also cut 2 latticeware bowls ready to fire. My plan is to make quite a few to have ready to buy, rather than my usual 'commission me' for these. Will be nice to have them in stock in the new shop when I launch that. Here's the colourways in one of the two bowls as a teaser... :)

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