Monday, 25 June 2007

Eventful morning!!!

What a crazy journey to work that was. Have been awake since about 4am listening to the torrential rain. Lots of schools in glos are closed due to flooding. Had to mount the kerb to pass a flooded stretch of the A40 with an abandoned Ka in the middle of a HUGE 'puddle' then passed a garage which I had to do a double take at. Half of the front of the building was missing! Perhaps it had been ram-raided? Flooded and crumbled? Driven into by accident? I dunno, but it was bizarre! Then, just outside work there was an accident on the road meaning I had to traverse car debris. I hope my tyres are alright. So, those were my 3 things. Hopefully that's an end to a very eventful journey into work! Of course, there's no flooding in Oxfordshire so probably no-one at work believes me :P

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