Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Back from hols & home to orders :)

So, I've been on the yearly ski trip and it was as amazing as ever! I LOVE skiing, well, I snowblade these days which is great fun :) To be honest, we had too much snow, as some times we were skiing through blizzards and clouds where we couldn't see much beyond a couple of metres but that's all part of the challenge! I am back in one piece, so that's good :)

I have lots of orders and enquiries to sift through now I am back. I spent last night catching up with emails, some purchases, some commissions, some wholesale enquiries. It's all go, as ever! One order is for 7 pairs of my Kryptonite cufflinks. I'll post photos as new items are made.

My next task is to sort through all my paperwork - my least favourite part of running my glassy business. I have, at least, managed to stack all receipts and invoices into one place in my studio these days which saves hunting around for all relevant paperwork! Data entry is not my idea of a good time but it is part and parcel of business so I need to get onto it soon. I usually have a go at it every 3 months so it's too much of a mammoth task at year end! Wish me luck!! :)

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