Saturday, 28 March 2009

And relax....!

It may not look like much but this took all day! At least I am back to having an organised workspace. I can tell the next time I am back in here (probably early next week as I have 25 pairs of cufflinks to make!) I will really want to get down to working. I can feel all the stress and tension starting to lift and it feels like a much more creative space now. Spring cleaning really does wonders! I filled a bin bag full of accumulated junk, managed to fill another with cardboard I'd been hoarding unnecassrily which I can now recycle, as well as a whole bunch of paper, also bound for recycling. I try to do 'my bit' as much as possible and already recycle glass and plastic bottles but I noticed the paper and cardboard skips too so no excuses now! Hope you're having a good weekend. Maybe I will treat myself to some time out tomorrow :)

These photos show just part of the studio. I cut and assemble glass from my stash on a table under the window so at least I have a view while I work. The kiln is next to that table and I also have a sofa in here for when needs must! There are a couple of shelves where I pop inspirational items as well as being a museum to my very first pieces. Can't throw them away! The cupboard you can see to the right of my shelving is crammed with boxes and packaging, and another cupboard contains all my slumping moulds and drill bits and pieces :)

Ok, so it isn't all over completely. I still have all my paperwork to trawl through, the dreaded data entry and filing away for Mr Tax Man. Ah the joys of running a business :P

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  1. Great job, your studio look super tidy!!! I wasn't quite as succesful in cleaning the house this weekend, but getting there.


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