Saturday, 28 March 2009

On a mission, a show & a new experimental style

The mission is... TIDY THE DARN STUDIO! Goodness me it is a bit of a mess. Well, after my break from glassy activities the studio turned into a bit of a dumping ground for 'stuff'. Today is the day I sort it out (probably will take more than one day to be honest!). Spring is the time for tidying and as it is now officially spring, it has to be done. I can't really work and be creative in there either while it's all of a muddle so it will be quite theraputic to go through all the things I have accumulated and declutter.

I've also just been reminded by a bit of paper I found to book up a show, namely 'Handm@de: Oxford' which I did last November and turned out to be pretty successful :) [Old post here]. Thought I'd best book that one up and hope it is just as good this time around. It is not until November again and by then I expect to have some new designs and styles. I will post details when I am all booked up for it.

I was playing around with an idea I had for some 3-d textured work and tried the idea out on some cufflinks. I am pleased with the effect and will try out some more development work on this style to produce something 'a bit different', as usual! Watch this space... :)

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