Friday, 15 January 2010

Internet finds

Well, right this moment you may have noticed I'm not making much. My studio is still in a state of chaos post-Xmas. I hosted this year and had to use it as a bedroom so lots was packed away. I've not put it back to rights yet so nothing glassy from me for now.

I've been doing other things around my home - putting up some kitchen shelves to display my vintage/retro items, as well as reorganising my bedroom. I've lived in the same place for about 8 years and never really arranged my bedroom in a cosy or pleasing way. 'Stuff' was just put in there. Other priorities meant it never really got sorted out as I spent the least of my waking time in the bedroom. I kinda wish I'd taken before/after photos. New curtains and a furniture rearrange and it is much improved. I have a space above my bed now that needs some art. I really need to get making something I've wanted to make for ages - a large multi-coloured version of my 'nugget' art. Well, if I ever do it, I will blog about it!

My new curtains are a bit on the puffy side at the mo but I'm hoping they will calm down eventually. The painting on the top left is only up temporarily until I get my 'above-the-bed' art sorted. I even got myself a new plant which I think I will call 'Spike' for obvious reasons! ;) It needs a pot though.

Right now, I'm spending my lunchtimes reading blogs and browsing products, as I usually do. Whilst glass-making is quiet, I'll share what I am looking at. This pastime influences what I make on occassion, so it is appropriate fodder for this blog :)

* Internet find of the day *
Today I spotted a Danish company called Rice. I love the styling and the bright colours. Those who know me know I like my bright colours!

This led me on to looking up Rice stockists - The Contemporary Home. Lovely stuff!

Stay tuned to see what else I've been looking at :)

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  1. Yep! that sure is bright.

    Isn't it nice when you get your bedroom right, it becomes a sanctury rather than a place to sleep.


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