Friday, 29 January 2010

Knitting club

Yep, I've joined 'knitting club' at work. I certainly don't need any more hobbies - I am already a busy lady, but this one is just for me :) Along with the knitting, I get to socialise with our sister company who share our building. I've worked at the company for years now but still only know 'the ladies downstairs' to say 'hi' to. Today was my 2nd club meeting. The 1st time I just flicked through knitting books, chatted and ate biscuits! I've not knitted since I was a child and back then knitting frustrated me - I couldn't help but knit super tight, making it so bad it squeaked. Safe to say, knitting and I fell out.

I was at my mum and dad's place last weekend so I asked mum to help me re-learn the basics. It is so much easier being shown something than trying to decipher a book - not sure if she would agree as my teacher... bless her heart, she stuck with it and showed me how to cast on, knit and purl correctly (I'd been knitting alright but making the purl stitch up!). We didn't get round to the casting off so I will have to get one of the club members to show me that.

Anyhoo, I've been practising, making mistakes and unravelling stuff this week, so I didn't make too much of a fool of myself at today's meet! I also bought some knitting needles (some on ebay, some in a charity shop) and some lovely wool. I think with any craft you need to be inspired by your materials :) The wool I picked for the blanket I am going to make is super-soft and just what I wanted - a natural-looking chunky tweed wool with colourful flecks.

Today I tought myself a new stitch. I tried out 'double rib' - knit 2, purl 2. I can manage that! Looks and feels fab and it grows quite quickly. I knew the wool I was using was perfect for a snuggly blanket when one of the ladies at the club couldn't resist touching the knitting to her face to feel the super-softness! I managed about 2 inches in 50mins during lunchtime, then tonight I carried on in front of some films. Ta da!

I also got my knitting book through the post today which I read at meeting #1 - it has lots of stitches in it which I look forward to trying.

This throw looks lovely - I am following the dimensions for this for my blanket but not the stitches.

Not sure when the blanket will get done but I intend to keep the pressure off and just enjoy myself :)


  1. well done you for picking up an old hobby, it looks good so far, I look forward to seeing the finished project when its all done.

  2. Looks like you've got a while to go before the blanket is finished. Keep at it :) The wool looks gorgeous and soft. Can't wait to see it when its finished! Lucky you, a knitting club at work, wish my work had things like that!


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