Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Broken laptop, repeat business & knit progress

Sob. My laptop's up the swanny. It won't start up properly so until I get it fixed, I am without internet at home. I'm hoping it is simple to fix. I hate it when something goes wrong and you're incapable of fixing it for yourself. :(

By way of glassy news, I have been contacted by some old clients who got me to make some wedding cufflinks for them. They're after some more so that's good news. Will give me a good reason to fill up the kiln. (Along with some candle holders for my mum - I haven't forgotten! She reads the blog, you see.)

The knitting is still going well. A few little mistakes but I am now ok at correcting my 'fluff ups' so I must be learning something. The strip for the blanket is around 2ft+ long now, so not bad going. I'm thinking of doing some strips in double rib, then some cable stitch strips too - if I get the hang of it! Alas, no photos, as without the laptop I can't get the pics onto the blog.

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