Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New cufflinks

I've just finished some new of my handmade fused glass cufflinks. I tried to upload them to my webshop but it wasn't playing ball. I hope to get them uploaded tomorrow morning.

There are 2 similar pairs with slightly differing blues,
'Britannia Blue' (above) & 'Britannia Cornflower' (below).

A delicate lilac pair, with a floating gem
of cream, called 'Cream Heart Lilac'.

'Aquatic Lozenge' in shades of turquoise and blue.

'Little Boy Blue' in, well, lots of blues!

'White Halo' which is a sophisticated, stylish design in
a single colour, where the glass appears to float in layers.

You might've noticed I am using slate to photograph my glass against. This is 'multi-level useful' as it shows off the glass really well and the colours are more accurate in the photos. I do not need to spend time photoshopping each picture. It also means the pale work is clear to see - taking a picture of the 'White Halo' cufflinks on white comes out like the picture below, which is not a good representation!

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  1. These are great, would make great Fathers Day Gift. Off to look round your site. I have popped back to your blog, to award you a Sunshine Award :) If you would like to find out how to take part it’s all on my blog - thank you. Amanda


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