Friday, 12 March 2010

Talarico Cravatte, Italy - order WIP #2

Here's another photo of what I've been up to, the fired cufflink glass for my Italian order.

I've now glued this batch and they are curing, ready to be sent out early next week.

I also put a latticeware bowl in the kiln which looks very pretty, and something I can't post about yet! ;) Lattice pics to follow soon. I'm down the allotment this weekend but if I get chance I'll snap the bowl and post about it here.

I've been quiet as I was away skiing again for a week late feb/early march. Lovely it was too.

My new purchases have all arrived so I will take pics of them and blog a bit about them. I am getting more into a glass-making mood now :)

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Hello Steph - you kindly stopped by my allotment blog so I thought I'd visit yours. It seems you are also me! I also do fused glass (although yours is much better than mine - I have a jewellery website at - I have trouble photographing dichroic stuff so there's not as much on the website as I have in stock, but there you go) and crochet stuff as well.


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