Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Vivre Interiors

there were 2 people at the vivre stand, both loved mine and tash's work. mark, the guy we got talking to, bought a pair of my cufflinks - the 'bandits' ones and he put them on straight away he was so excited! they looked FAB! i was excited myself as i've not seen my cufflinks actually on anyone and they just looked SO funky and cool. unfortunately i'd just been home and left my camera there too or wouldve got him to be my model!!short week this week (she says, having worked an 8-day week so far!) then off on my holiday to cornwall. bliss. not doing the cotswold craft market anymore as the temporary venue is just shocking. it's a shame but needs must. (was meant to do it on sat). tash and i will sort out our own contemporary 'fair' (still deciding on what to call it - avoiding all 'craft fair' connotations) soon anyhow.

have a commission to do this week - a bowl in brown, cream and burgundy, as well as one for tash's bday in browns, creams and pink.

the vivre interiors shop website is www.vivreinteriors.com

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