Monday, 14 April 2008

Thinking BIG for my sabbatical

after a good 7 years service in my job i get my sabbatical after july this year. after months of wondering what i'll do with it (7 weeks off!), i've decided 'solo' travelling is the way forward, so i have been looking into where to spend my sabbatical today. very excited!

here are a couple i've come across so far: etc etc!

can't wait! but what to pick?!


  1. For me it would be Galapagos all the way. A friend has just come back from there and it was apparently breath-taking.

  2. If you are taking time out then Galapagos is a great idea as it isn't cheap and well worth making that extra effort with time. If you are spending more time in South America there is tons to do in the neighbouring countries and fascinating too.
    Enjoy whatever you choose...


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