Monday, 12 May 2008

Sunday @ Woodchester - Conservation volunteering

Oh I slept well last night! Spent all the day before working very hard on a conservation task down in Woodchester nr Stroud. We were on the edge of the woods, near the lakes, clearing felled trees and burning them. The group were all very friendly and I had a really good time. I was SOOOO hot as the day was a scorcher already but add in going up and down a VERY steep hill covered in loose leaf litter, etc, carrying half a tree and passing a roaring fire! I did have a fab time though and will definitely go again. I felt like I did when I was kid, grotting about in the outdoors! Such a huge change from being behind a computer day to day. Wish I could do that kind of work all the time. Forget the gym - be a conservation volunteer!

As there were quite a few of us, we finished the task early so we all went for a walk around the lakes. It was great talking to such a wide range of people. After the walk, a couple of us went round Woodchester Mansion. I've been twice before already and I would recommend it as a visit to anyone in the area. It's fascinating to see how those big mansions were put together.

Amazingly, I not only turned down the offer of a BBQ, but also a drink in the pub! I was absolutely shattered & was tucked up in bed by 9.30pm! What a great day though :)


  1. Wow - sounds like you had a great day! It was way hot yesterday without the aid of a bonfire.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Yes, I was going to write 'dripping with sweat' but I opted for 'SOOO hot' in the blog instead. I thoroughly recommend it though. Good for the soul and for the body! Great way to get in shape :)


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