Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas comes early

Look what the postman brought me. My prize from Jane arrived, plus some extra goodies. It was great timing too. I'm off work today as I feel dire. Feverish, achy and bunged up. Hopefully I will feel better soon. My little parcel really cheered me up. I love the little felt brooch she included too. I've pinned it to my coat to show it off. I've been after a brooch for some time now and it looks so sweet :)

the colours of the leather are so vibrant

and i love the dandelion-esque lining - corduroy is my fave!

the cute felt brooch...

...looks fab on my coat


  1. Hi Steph

    I'm so pleased you liked the contents of your parcel - thank you for featuring it on your blog. Hope you're feeling betters soon! Jane x

  2. you're welcome :) thank you again for organising the giveaway. i hope i feel better soon too - especially need to be fit for xmas. can't be poorly for that!


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