Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Fun, funky, chunky rings - 'Jaxx' - now listed in my shop

Look at this! The first two sets of 'Jaxx' rings are now listed for sale on my webshop. They're for sale individually but photographed in sets to make things a little easier. There are quite a few to list. I've taken the photos but just need to edit them to look pretty.

Apologies, again, for the quiet blog. 'Life' has been taking over lately. My good friend Tash of TishTash has just bought a lot of my stock for corporate gifts for her company which makes for a happy Xmas for me(!) and a great incentive to make new glass. So, if you're fed up of not seeing lots of new glassy goodies here, then 2010 is the time for me to change that :) Promise.

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  1. they look terrific Steph. Glad you can breath easy now that you've sold a fistful of rings.


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