Sunday, 13 December 2009

Glassy gifts

Well, as you well know, Christmas is a-coming! Huzzah :) I love Christmas. I also LOVE making gifts for people. Yesterday I spent the day on the sewing machine. Can't really post photos of the goodies I made as my family may see, so the fabric creations remain hush hush. I enjoyed making them and although my sewing is never fault-free I definitely need to sew more, it was fun.

Yesterday was fabric, today was glass. Popped my last commission of the year into the kiln today - a 'love token' style hanger in the 'festive spirit' colourway.

Along with some cufflinks and other goodies, I made this set of 4 coasters in the 'Berryforest' design to go with a bowl I made for my mum. She requested these so it is safe to post a photo or two :) Each one is different but they make a great set. Final photos to follow :)

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