Friday, 20 August 2010

Busy busy busy!

Anyone who follows this blog will know I have been a bit quiet on the glassy front for a while. Not like the old days when I was working 6.30-8am, then 6pm-12am, the gap being for the 'day job' designing children's books! Well, it has been nice to take a break and to be honest, what with the ol' recession, things weren't ticking over as speedily as before. However, looks like we're picking back up again, which is great. Not only with orders, enquiries, commissions and business opportunities, but also my creativity is bubbling :)

The photos in this post are of an order I am putting together from my shop. I really like these complementary sets rather than every coaster the same. I need to make some more of these I think. Variety is the spice of life and all that! This particular set is called 'Lavender Drizzle' and can be bought here - this is a made-to-order design, like a lot of my work. Very unique, made just for you!

I am also faffing about with the blog styling. Still not quite right, but getting there. I do like the new headers which I have rolled out across my blog, shop and website. The website needs another overhaul, though I know lots of folk still like it. It still needs organising from when I moved the shop. Takes so much time though! I'd rather be making glassy goodies ;)

This weekend I am off 'oop narth' to see my folks and take a break, then I'm back to the kiln & behind the computer & camera, sorting the Handmade Heaven : Funky Fused Glass empire out! Exciting times :)

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  1. Blog's looking great!

    The coasters are fab. Love the drizzle.

    Laura x


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