Monday, 23 August 2010

'Lavender Drizzle' handmade fused glass coaster quad - photographs

Photographing glass is a bit of a nightmare - all those reflections! I've always been told my photos look pretty professional and I do aim to represent my work as accurately and stylishly as possible. I thought I'd show these two photos of my latest completed commission for my 'Lavender Drizzle' handmade fused glass coaster quad design out of interest. The first photo shows the totally unedited image. The paper I take the photos on is actually white but always appears grey in the final photo. I do set my white balance, so even before editing, the colours of the glass is represented as near as damn it to the actual work. I also use a polarising filter on the camera. This takes away some of the reflections - no-one wants to see what else is lying about my studio or my ugly mug in the final photo! ...or maybe they do? Anyhoo, I just wanted to show the difference in the images pre- and post- tweaking as I attempt to make them look their best. My aim is to accurately represent the pieces and 'sell' them to you the best I can. I feel a simple background works best so I tend to use crisp white or natural slate. I occassionally room-set the latticeware bowls to give a sense of size and to help you picture how the piece would look in your home. I hope you like my photographs.

Next, I will be re-photographing my range of rings as I looking to sell these through a new online store. Watch this space!

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  1. These Glass Coasters are so beautiful! Surely you this coasters will be in demand in your online store. More people now understand the importance of having a coaster.


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