Wednesday, 25 August 2010

FOR SALE 'Jaxx' handmade fun, funky, fused glass rings

Re-photographing done, well, for a good chunk of the batch. Some more 'Jaxx' handmade fun, funky, fused glass rings need doing but this is plenty to start with. I am pleased with how the photos turned out. I went for an off-centre styling on white as this seemed to work the best. Hope you like them! You can find all these rings here in the online shop. Should you want to commission a different colour combination, let me know.

I will finish the 'Jaxx' batch soon, then get to work on re-photographing my other styles of rings, along with making another bowl - already cut! - and a commission duo.


  1. thanks! it is good to finally share them. they looked sorry for themselves sitting in a zip-lock bag, unloved. i hope they find nice new homes :)


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