Friday, 27 June 2008

'Bellini Blockster' handmade fused glass framed artwork

Not some of my best photography as I took these photos of 'Bellini Blockster' late last night, but a really bright and sunny addition to my handmade fused art glass range. I think my favourite combo is the orange and yellow at the bottom. As with most of my 'stacked' art, there is a teeny piece of sparkly dichroic glass in each square which really brings the piece to life. Tash already has her eye on this! I have added this piece to my website here.


  1. these look great, they look like little candies, it makes me wanna pick one up and eat it, you did a great job. i just have one question, is it hard to do what you do?

  2. Aha! I recognise your work now. When I used to be with Dawanda I had you marked as a fave :0)
    Nice to catch up wih your beautiful glass art again.

  3. yes, that probably was me aileen :) it's nice to be found. i hope you're liking my new work


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