Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Friends from the show

I met lots of lovely 'crafty' folk at the show last weekend, which is one of my favourite parts of a fair - talking to like-minded people. My next-door-neighbour on Saturday was Annette Yoosefinejad of WildScarlet.com. I particularly loved her czech disc bead jewellery:Do check out her website. I'm all for supporting friendly, talented people's work I admire. (I think she upset Tash when she bought my 'Cherry Mint Trifle' coaster duo though!)

My neighbour on Sunday was Laura Kent of Silvercat Design and her chatty husband. They were a lovely young and fun couple who I enjoyed chatting to. Laura had a really great display of bracelets and necklaces:I also came over all generous and gave her two necklace stands which I bought a while back but haven't found a use for. She had the same design in a smaller earring size so I thought she might be able to use them in her next show. :)

Someone else who deserves a mention is Charmaine Bartram. Her stunning fashion designs were incredible. Tash got drawn over to her stall and made a few purchases. I'm jealous - it's an amazing style but I'm too chicken to wear it! Her website is well worth a visit. There's some fab photography and really inspirational work. It was great to see someone with something very different to offer.


  1. Love the disc bead jewellery. Very funky!

  2. Wow those are some really great designs! Thanks for posting them. I'll have to give their sites a look around. I LOVE that czech disc necklace, the colors are amazing!

  3. love that disc necklace - thanks for incuding it - going off to investigate more!


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