Monday, 30 June 2008

Such a productive Sunday!

Busy, busy, busy weekend! I had 2 website sales, 1 commission enquiry and 1 commission that was a go-ahead. As you know, I glued 117 pairs of cufflinks (out of 150), did 2 loads of washing, packaged and processed the web orders, photographed and edited photos of new glass work & cufflinks and blogged them, as well as uploading them to flickr, my glass forum and my website, put a few bits of glass in the kiln including that commission...

...did a tonne of washing up (always is a low priority!) and yes, found time to paint my front door from a boring burgundy to a sexy teal. I managed to make some ikea shelving for my new craft stall makeover and watch 'Transformers' (love that film!). I also found some free time to see 'Wanted' at the cinema :)

Just thought I'd also post a photo of one of the 150-pair corporate commission cufflinks all done and dusted. Very nice too!


  1. The cufflinks look brilliant. Well done you!

  2. thanks very much laura. i am very pleased with how they turned out. still got 33 more pairs to clean and glue, then 149 pairs to box up, package and post...!


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