Sunday, 29 June 2008

The next stage in the big cufflink commission

This weekend I've been working on finishing off the large cufflink commission (150 pairs to make if you haven't been keeping up!). I am at 117 pairs fired, cleaned, glued and ready to go into the special cufflink boxes I use. The remaining 33 pairs will be fired tonight, along with a 6-coaster commission I received at the Sudeley show, and a pendant commission I got the go-ahead on earlier today. No rest for me!

Right now I am just tweaking the photos of 'Bellini Blockster' framed art which I posted some duff photos of on Friday. Hopefully these show it off better! :)
117 cufflink pairs drying

Along with all this I want to paint my drab burgundy front door 'Mallard' (a deep teal) but there are only so many hours in a weekend...!


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