Saturday, 4 April 2009

A day of hard work

As planned, I spent the day working on glassy goodies. The kiln is now cooking merrily away and I hope to have lots of nice new pieces tomorrow. Some were commissions, some new for sale.

These are the bits and pieces I needed to get going on my wholesale cufflink order for Blueberry Park. Red, white and blue glass, my cutter, breakers and cutting edge as well as my cutting mat which protects my table and the cutter if it slips off the edge of the glass.

Once I had cut all the pieces I needed, I stacked them to count I had enough of each colour and took this photo. I love this photo! It looks like a crazy work of art!

Next on the agenda was a latticeware bowl in rainbow colours. This is a work in progress photo of that. Again, very beautiful I think.

Here are all my hard efforts in the kiln ready to fire. Cufflinks, rings and a latticeware bowl. Looking forward to the results :)

Finally, the aftermath of a glassy day's work! Will clean it up tomorrow... ;)

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