Monday, 13 April 2009

I've got an allotment!

I actually got the allotment last week though I've not got around to posting about it here yet, I have had time to set up ANOTHER blog - The Green Grower: Allotment Antics. People wonder how I find the time to do all the things I do already (so do I!) and now I have one more string to add to my already very busy bow!

I applied for an allotment sometime last year and was told I had to wait at least 3 years, so the phonecall from 'Ken' at the parish council last week was quite unexpected! 'Do you still want an allotment?' You bet your bottom dollar I do!! Ha! I live in a flat with no real outside space - a balcony doesn't count in my book. I have missed having my own little plot of outdoors to go to when the weather is nice and to be able to grow things is very exciting. I was really lucky and have bagged a dream allotment. Keep up to date with my progress - mainly success, I hope, on...

my fab shed! - it even has a proper front door and a letterbox! ha!

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