Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Fun, funky fused glass commissions

A photo-tastic post for you! Finished lots of commissions and got started on another - this one's a latticeware bowl for my aunt in reds and blues. It's looking promising! The other photos are of the commissions I made this weekend which went to new homes today.

'Harlequin multi-square' coaster set of 6

' HH rainbow' coaster set of 4 coasters

' Ginger marmalade patchwork' set of 2 coasters

'Cath lattice' fused glass latticeware bowl WIP

Still no individual photos of the chunky, funky fused glass 'Blackjax' rings yet. It's looking likely I'll get onto that next week now. Damn not having enough time in the day! Managed to wear one today though :)

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  1. I absolutely adore those coasters! I may have to start saving up for a set - beautiful work, you!


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