Sunday, 5 April 2009

Fresh kiln goodies

The kiln's finished so I had some nice glassy treats to have a look at this morning. I am really pleased all that hard work yesterday's paid off. I took a couple of WIP photos again to show you the next stage in the glassy goodies process.

Here's a couple of photos of the 'Last Night at the Proms' wholesale cufflinks order for Blueberry Park. The 'dust' needs to be cleaned off. It is the remnants of the protective kiln paper needed to stop the glass sticking to the kiln. That would be bad! I love these 'jumble' shots.

And these are nuggets of glass for my 'Blackjax' range. These are destined to be fun, funky, chunky rings. I made some a while ago (see other photo) and haven't listed them on my website yet. I only have 3 left from the original batch and want to list them when I have a whole bunch. Well, now I do!

These rings have a gorgeous hammered silver base. They really are quite special and most certainly different. I know a couple of the people who own one of these rings always get asked where they got it from when they wear it. Well, now I have lots of stock they can get their own ;)


  1. hi there, my name is bex and im organising the lovely little cheltenham craft fair, just thought i would pop over and say thanks for subscribing to it!! i love the rings youve just made! the colours are great!


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