Saturday, 18 April 2009

WIP - 3x commissions

Here's a photo of this morning's work. 3 commissions ready to go in the kiln. Top left is 2x ginger marmalade patchwork coasters, the middle ones are 6x harlequin multi-square coasters and the ones in the bottom right are 4x HH rainbows. 2 of the commissions are repeat customers. The ginger marmalade coasters are going to a lady who already has two and wants two more, the HH rainbows are off to the lady who bought the rainbow lattice bowl which is currently my homepage image :)

ginger marmalade patchwork coaster duo

harlequin multi-square coaster

HH rainbows

next job for today is to go down the allotment and get some prep and clearing done. should keep me busy most of the day then this evening i hope to photograph and list the chunky, funky fused blackjax rings from the previous post whilst watching my 'kate and leopold' dvd which just arrived. ah, hugh jackman *sigh* ;)

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