Saturday, 4 April 2009

Today's 'to do'

Hello! Just thought I'd let you know what I am up to. Today is a glass-making day (about time too!). Got some orders to get on with. One being a wholesale order for Blueberry Park who I made lots of cufflinks for a while ago. They have been selling very well and they want more so I am on the case. I am going to making lots of 'Last Night of the Proms' cufflinks like this...

I need to order lots more cufflinks boxes from my supplier however I am always tempted to buy other things to make up the minimum order value! I am terrible when it comes to temptation so I have been browsing other options for packaging and presentation I could use for Handmade Heaven. We will see if I succumb to temptation!!

I did give in to temptation yesterday and ordered myself a new mp3 which I didn't really need. I have one already you see, however it is pretty old now, big and heavy. The new one has the same capacity but is teeny tiny. Apparently it is a good model so I am looking forward to that arriving. I will use it for my trip to New Zealand (not long now - eeeeeek!) then after that, I shall use it at work as it will be easier to walk around the office with that than my old brick ;) Us designers need tunes, dahhhling.

My new toy - a SanDisk Sansa Clip

I have woken up to a sale from my website so I need to post that out on Monday. I am surprised this design didn't sell before it did. I love these colours together. My 'Patchwork' range always goes down well. I really should make some more actually. There is something else for the 'to do' list! Especially now I have booked up an appearance at the 'Handm@de' fair. This is the design I just sold - Ginger Marmalade Patchwork. :)

I also need to make a latticeware bowl today for a commission. This time it is rainbow colours so effectively I have free reign on the design. Anything could happen! Watch this blog for photos.

Well, I had best go do all this work I am talking about! Have a lovely weekend :)

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