Friday, 12 September 2008

Notice anything different?

Did you spot anything different about the blog? I've made my own 'favicon' to go with my blog. What's a favicon? Well, it's the little picture that sits next to the web address of a site, in the url address line box (or in some cases, in the tab before the site title). Anyhoo, Laura, of Beads by Laura blogged the 'how to', so I did!! Not sure if it's the best image but it will work until I find something better. It's a scaled down photo of my business cards. If you want to make a favicon for your site, check out Laura's blog.


  1. Guess what? I did notice it as soon as I clicked the ULR of your blog. I have inthe past miss-spelt glassygoodies and then got to a kind of no-man's site. So this time I knew I ws waiting for the right site to load. I like it!

  2. Like the favicon! Glad you found the how-to useful. :o)


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