Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Underwater photography...ish!

My trip to Blackpool (read 'dump'!) on Monday was good fun. We went to the Sea Life Centre, out of season, on a weekday - the perfect time to go to have it all to yourself! Many, many moons ago I did work experience there for 2 weeks, building tanks, feeding fish and sharks and cleaning many windows covered in fingerprints! It's changed a lot and is well worth a visit. We spent at least 2 hours in there. I was practising using the manual settings on my fancy digital almost-SLR camera and took a few good shots. I love taking photos and even if some of them are a bit blurry, I still think they're pretty cool! Here are a couple of my faves from Monday:

Very cool 'crystal ball' type image

Pacific Cleaner Shrimp

Liking this photo!

I have to say though, from what I could see of the illuminations along Blackpool prom, they're really a bit of a cop out these days. Moulded plastic shapes are definitely not as good as lots of coloured bulbs. Bring back the old-style illuminations!

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  1. Great shots. The shrimp one is fab!

    Blackpool is ..... something else, isn't it?!


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