Sunday, 14 September 2008

Photos from today's show

Well, busy as it was, I didn't do so well at today's country fair. Hey ho, it got me out the house :P

Here's a couple of photos of the stall, with my glassy goodies and Tash's contemporary canvases. We got a lot of favourable comments and oohs and ahhs but not many people were reaching into their pockets. Credit crunch? There were quite a few people asking me to events, and one that caught my attention was in a local heritage shop. Will let you know if that goes anywhere.

At least I have lots made, ready for the uBou Unique Boutique Shopping Evening at the Royal Oak on the 2nd October. See you there?? :)

My glassy goodies, with Tash's canvases on the left
Tash's fab contemporary canvases

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