Saturday, 25 August 2007

Tut tut!!

Ok, bad Steph! It's been 2 months and no blog. Thanks go to Caroline for giving me a virtual poke to remind me I should blog!

So, what's new? Well, I last wrote about the show I was going to do at Sudeley Castle. This show was cancelled as the beautiful natural amphitheatre setting ended up flooded out! The INCREDIBLE rains came on the Friday and the show was meant to be the next day. Sudeley was under 6ft of water, the staff were trapped and the emergency services were there. Hmm, no show then!

With the floods came the water crisis. All that water and it got cut off for ages! A week after the flooding, still with no water, I was meant to do another small artists market in Oxfordshire @ Sunningwell but I have to admit to running away to my folks' place! (I am doing one there on the 30th September though). Funnily enough I wasn't in the mood to trek out to Oxfordshire, early on a Sunday morning after showering using a watering can full of bottled water, to sell to the few people who could make it to the market (probably those who had boats!). I'm glad I did go home actually. It was my big brother's girlfriend's birthday and Mette (big brother's gf!), Colin (big brother) and Mette's parents over from Denmark who I'd not seen for 6 years were up at mum and dad's. Mette didn't know I was coming, nor did her folks, so it was a great surprise to them when I turned up as they were finishing dinner! Hopefully it was a good surprise!! They made all the right noises anyway as I tucked into some birthday cake! ;)

Since then glassy things have been a bit on the back burner. To be honest I am not sure exactly what I've done since then! With 2 shows cancelled I don't have that mad rush to make stock so things have been a lot more chilled out. I still have work to do of course, as ever. Still in demand! I have cufflinks coming out my ears! Made loads of those recently so don't need to make more for a while. Check out this link and scroll to the bottom to see the newest designs.

I also came up with a winner of a design. In a moment of inspiration 'Happy Ever After' was born and I instantly fell in love with it. Such a simple yet beautiful design. I am really proud of it. Almost as soon as I'd made it I'd sold 3 sets which is great.

Happy Ever After

I actually made them specifically for an up-market holiday cottage in Rutland, 2 Chapel Lane ( My arty friend Tash (of has her work there and got me in on the act too. I supplied 2 pairs of coasters, 'Happy Ever After' and 'Patriot' (latticeware) for the 2 bedrooms and a quad of coasters for the lounge - 'Cherry Cola Multisquare'. I also supplied 2 Chapel Lane with an unframed artwork for the wall. I have posted this before in the blog. It's called 'Rich Red Patchwork'.


Cherry Cola Multisquare

As well as paid work I have also been, finally, making things for family members. I owed my aunt some fused glass goodies so she got 2 hangers (5 x 25cm)...

My little brother was also hankering after some artwork so I rustled this up for him. Initially my plan was to make something in black/white/grey but I changed my mind last minute and I'm glad I did. I am really pleased with this piece and I think he is too...

I have also been putting together some samples for a lady in the US who would like to use my glass tiles in a bathroom she is redesigning. She loves the 'stripes! stripes! stripes!' design so I made 3x 4" samples for her which I finished this week. Fingers crossed they are what she's after...

Well, that brings me more or less up-to-date. I hope this makes Caroline happy and anyone else who reads my blog will know I am still alive and still working! :)