Thursday, 29 October 2009

TishTash & Handmade Heaven event

My friend Tash of TishTash came over last night to pick up my Handmade Heaven stock. She's arranged a selling event with cocktails and canap├ęs where she'll be displaying and selling her work and mine. Tash creates funky and modern paintings, jewellery and art cards over at

I mounted some of my pendants onto presentation cards last night so above is the result. I think they look pretty good. Each one is certainly very unique! If they come back to me after the sale I'll be putting them up to buy on my website.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cufflinks & congratulations!

Remember the chocolate cufflinks I made for my big bro's wedding? Well, they were in action this weekend just gone as he got hitched. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Jones :) Here's a couple of snaps of me in my posh frock and his wedding ring & the cufflinks :)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Developments and delays

Just to keep you updated...

I'm currently in the process of switching over my webshop from the old site the the new one. I'm really excited about the new webshop and the transfer of stock is nearly complete. Right now I will just be offering my current stock and items you can commission, but soon I will be adding brand new items for you to browse and buy. Watch this space!

New webshop:

My website will remain with galleries and info, but the buying will all be done from the new webshop.

I will not be posting any orders out until next week to avoid items being lost in the post. Sorry about this but I don't want to see stock vanish due to the postal problems in the UK.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

New glass colours & latticeware bowls

Hello! Hope you've had a nice weekend. I've been busy again doing my usual allsorts but I did get round to some glassy goodies. I have just spent a small fortune - can't help it! - on buying in glass so I can get back into making again. My stock was seriously depleted as I've not re-ordered glass for a long while. I'm looking forward to getting lots of lovely colourful glass mid week (I don't think my supplier uses Royal Mail - huzzah!). I've even ordered a couple of brand new colours for me. 'Periwinkle' opaque and 'Tangerine' opaque. Looking forward to trying them out.
I also cut 2 latticeware bowls ready to fire. My plan is to make quite a few to have ready to buy, rather than my usual 'commission me' for these. Will be nice to have them in stock in the new shop when I launch that. Here's the colourways in one of the two bowls as a teaser... :)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Just browsing some nice websites, as I do, and I thought these cufflinks looked familiar! They are mine, of course, being sold through Blueberry Park, via 'Not on the highstreet'. Is always funny when I come across my work unexpectedly :)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Chocolate cufflinks

So, cufflink samples made in chocolates. Let's see which big bro prefers...

My faves are the ones with the thin cream ring.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Shock horror, a blog post!

I expect you've been wondering where I've been, what I've been doing and if I & Handmade Heaven were still alive! Well, good news, all is tickety-boo :) I've just been on a break from glass-making. I guess it was another of those creative block times. I wasn't feeling it. I think one of my major stumbling blocks was my studio. I've got limited space - I was asked to teach some ladies for a hen do event not so long ago, but had to turn them down unfortunately. I wish I had the luxury of a massive, purpose-built studio but I don't. I use a room in my flat that often has to double up as a spare room! This means it is hard to keep the room functioning as a studio. I find if it stops being functional, tidying up and rearranging before making any glass kills my creativity.

Well, today I have sorted out my hall - another bugbear of mine - to make that more cosy. That meant taking my fold-up table out of there and needing somewhere to put it. "Ah ha!", I thought. I know where I can use that. So, new studio set up below. It means I can watch movies and work at the same time, or chill on the sofa. This new table gives me double the room I had before so I can work unrestricted. It also means I can leave the drill set up and I might even have the grinder/saw rigged up too so I have all my tools out and ready to use. If I fancy doing some sewing I can also move things aside and put up my sewing machine here too. Oo, it's making me want to make stuff already! Best get to it then, got to make my big brother some cufflinks - he is getting married in a couple of weekends time. Eek!

Here's how the hall looks now, should you be interested?! To be honest, these photos are really to prove to my mother that I have been sorting things out! ;) I intend to put some of my square-framed artworks up in the hall soon, to have a gallery. Seems a shame to keep them in their boxes until they are sold.