Monday, 22 February 2010

Talarico Cravatte, Italy - order WIP

Final post today. Cut the samples for Talarico Cravatte - the bespoke tie company blogged about earlier. All I could manage to do today! I heard work was snowed in anyway, so maybe a good idea not to go in. The extra sleep has done me some good I think. Hopefully I will back in, drawing bears in boats tomorrow ;)

Look what I made! My 1st knitted hat :)

Through a cold & lots of sneezing, the winter olympics (did you see the ski-cross?!) and ending to Arnie in Predator, I made this double-rib knitted hat yesterday. I wanted to make one for my ski trip next week and wondered how long it would take. A few hours on a Sunday it seems. It was meant to be all double-rib (with some other stitching at the top), but I added an initial inch in single-rib for a nice edge. I am mighty pleased.

Maybe a teeny tiny bit too long as a beanie, but good to keep warm. I can always turn up the edge, thus!

Pattern was from here, if you wanted to try it too.

Retail therapy

So, I've cheered my poorly self up with some retail therapy. FINALLY, after years of waiting for them to be stocked in the UK, I've bought a bracelet mandrel so I can create some fused glass cuff bangles/bracelets. Alas, I will have to wait to play with my new toys (new mould, mandrel, tongs, specs!) until after my ski holiday, which is in less than a week :D

Just need to get myself some gauntlets now. This post probably doesn't make masses of sense now, but it will ;)

Angry and upset

** After the hurt and upset of yesterday and the overwhelming support I got on this matter, I am removing this post. I do not want to add fuel to the fire of the identi-kit glass maker, who I remain not naming. They know who they are, I have made my point. **

Working with a company in Rome

I've been waiting to tell you about this one for a little while. I am excited to be producing some cufflink samples for Talarico Cravatte in Rome, who make beautiful bespoke ties for their discerning customers. They're interested in my handmade, unique cufflinks so I am just about to start on an order for them. It is flattering to be contacted by someone from abroad, let alone a company like this one. I am looking forward to getting the kiln fired up. I expect I will put some other 'kiln filler' in too ;)

It is a pity though I am currently suffering from a cold and will have to hop back into bed soon, but I wanted to share this exciting news with you.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Knitting storage

This beats the carrier bag I had my WIP knitting in! Just got this £1.99 fabric box in a purpley colour to store my knitting-on-the-go, needles and book. Does the job quite nicely I think :)

The pink & grey knitting is the tablet-gadget's pouch, and the grey is the blanket. Can you see my 'knitting bible' hiding at the bottom?! ;)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Gadgets gadgets gadgets!

So, I indulged my love of gadgetry this weekend. As per usual, I planned to get one thing but came away with something else! The initial plan was to get a large-capacity mp3 player and a portable dvd player for my travel trips. I also wanted a compact digital camera for skiing etc as my SLR doesn't fit in a pocket!

I stuck to one plan and the digital compact I got was a fuji z37. It is very girly/'gay'! Hopefully it will be hard to lose. The reviews I've read seem to be singing its praises so let's hope it was a good buy.

The other purchase was something different to the plan, but I think kills 2 birds with one stone (the mp3/dvd player), and then some! I also got this archos 5. It is an internet tablet-type machine, with mp3/mp4 cababilities. It stores photos, music, videos, records from the tv/freeview etc, browses the net, has email, can be converted to be a GPS, plays radio and so much more! I am still finding out what it can do. Anyway, it was half price and I thought a good deal, especially with its 120gb hard drive. It is like an i-phone but without the phone bit I think. The geek in me is very happy :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Internet find: Intres - Felt

* Internet find of the day *
These are kinda cute aren't they?! A bit different too. Loving these felt creations from Spain. Check them out on at Intres.

Broken laptop, repeat business & knit progress

Sob. My laptop's up the swanny. It won't start up properly so until I get it fixed, I am without internet at home. I'm hoping it is simple to fix. I hate it when something goes wrong and you're incapable of fixing it for yourself. :(

By way of glassy news, I have been contacted by some old clients who got me to make some wedding cufflinks for them. They're after some more so that's good news. Will give me a good reason to fill up the kiln. (Along with some candle holders for my mum - I haven't forgotten! She reads the blog, you see.)

The knitting is still going well. A few little mistakes but I am now ok at correcting my 'fluff ups' so I must be learning something. The strip for the blanket is around 2ft+ long now, so not bad going. I'm thinking of doing some strips in double rib, then some cable stitch strips too - if I get the hang of it! Alas, no photos, as without the laptop I can't get the pics onto the blog.