Wednesday, 25 August 2010

FOR SALE 'Jaxx' handmade fun, funky, fused glass rings

Re-photographing done, well, for a good chunk of the batch. Some more 'Jaxx' handmade fun, funky, fused glass rings need doing but this is plenty to start with. I am pleased with how the photos turned out. I went for an off-centre styling on white as this seemed to work the best. Hope you like them! You can find all these rings here in the online shop. Should you want to commission a different colour combination, let me know.

I will finish the 'Jaxx' batch soon, then get to work on re-photographing my other styles of rings, along with making another bowl - already cut! - and a commission duo.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

NEW PRODUCT 'Lavender Mint Trifle' handmade funky fused glass square bowl

HOORAY! I've finally got started on my 'Trifle' range of funky fused glass square dishes/bowl/plates. Only taken me months to get round to it after planning them in my head! The first one, 'Lavender Mint Trifle' is up for sale in my online shop now, with more to follow over the next few weeks/months as I have time. They're 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.75" / 21.5 x 21.5 x 2cm. I can make them to commission if you've seen a coaster design you'd like translated into a bowl - take a look at my funky fused glass gallery for designs. As ever, the real thing is much better than these photos show, but then I would say that... but IT IS TRUE! Ask any of my customers :)

Right, off to re-photograph my handmade funky fused glass rings...

Monday, 23 August 2010

'Lavender Drizzle' handmade fused glass coaster quad - photographs

Photographing glass is a bit of a nightmare - all those reflections! I've always been told my photos look pretty professional and I do aim to represent my work as accurately and stylishly as possible. I thought I'd show these two photos of my latest completed commission for my 'Lavender Drizzle' handmade fused glass coaster quad design out of interest. The first photo shows the totally unedited image. The paper I take the photos on is actually white but always appears grey in the final photo. I do set my white balance, so even before editing, the colours of the glass is represented as near as damn it to the actual work. I also use a polarising filter on the camera. This takes away some of the reflections - no-one wants to see what else is lying about my studio or my ugly mug in the final photo! ...or maybe they do? Anyhoo, I just wanted to show the difference in the images pre- and post- tweaking as I attempt to make them look their best. My aim is to accurately represent the pieces and 'sell' them to you the best I can. I feel a simple background works best so I tend to use crisp white or natural slate. I occassionally room-set the latticeware bowls to give a sense of size and to help you picture how the piece would look in your home. I hope you like my photographs.

Next, I will be re-photographing my range of rings as I looking to sell these through a new online store. Watch this space!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Busy busy busy!

Anyone who follows this blog will know I have been a bit quiet on the glassy front for a while. Not like the old days when I was working 6.30-8am, then 6pm-12am, the gap being for the 'day job' designing children's books! Well, it has been nice to take a break and to be honest, what with the ol' recession, things weren't ticking over as speedily as before. However, looks like we're picking back up again, which is great. Not only with orders, enquiries, commissions and business opportunities, but also my creativity is bubbling :)

The photos in this post are of an order I am putting together from my shop. I really like these complementary sets rather than every coaster the same. I need to make some more of these I think. Variety is the spice of life and all that! This particular set is called 'Lavender Drizzle' and can be bought here - this is a made-to-order design, like a lot of my work. Very unique, made just for you!

I am also faffing about with the blog styling. Still not quite right, but getting there. I do like the new headers which I have rolled out across my blog, shop and website. The website needs another overhaul, though I know lots of folk still like it. It still needs organising from when I moved the shop. Takes so much time though! I'd rather be making glassy goodies ;)

This weekend I am off 'oop narth' to see my folks and take a break, then I'm back to the kiln & behind the computer & camera, sorting the Handmade Heaven : Funky Fused Glass empire out! Exciting times :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

FEATURED on 'craftiness' showcase

"Faberuna searches the web for the best handmade goods from all around the world." - and they approached ME to be featured on their site. I feel honoured :) All the hard work's worth it! Take a look at the link. I love the 'shut up!' line. Makes me giggle :D

My glasswork in situ

'Cherry Cola Gridz' handmade funky fused glass coasters, in detail & in situ, for sale in my shop here.

And 'Happy Ever After' handmade funky fused glass coasters can be found here.

Personalised dates & a rich red loveheart can be added on the reverse.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Coaster Commission: Harlequin & Ice Age

Got another commission for some of my glassy goodies. Two coasters, one of each in the 'Harlequin' & 'Ice Age' designs. They're for a friend at work who's sadly leaving. Be nice for her to have a reminder of little old me ;)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

FOR SALE: Stripe-tastic! New coasters/tiles

NEW! & for sale here!

Multi-coloured opaque and transparent thin stripes over a layer of crisp white. Each one is totally unique! (4 x 4" / 10 x 10cm). Each coaster/tile is £12 each, so a set of 2 is £24, 4 is £48 etc.

These are from an unclaimed order for a bespoke bathroom. The underneath surface is not as smooth as my standard glass but I will provide rubber feet to protect furniture, should you want them. Alternatively, you could use them as wall tiles - their 1st purpose!

I have one of these on my desk at work and it is always noticed and commented on.

I have 22 of these to sell. They make excellent gifts - it is never too early to buy for Christmas ;)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

FOR SALE: Morton Portable Glass Shop plus Lightbox, Safety Break System, etc for Stained Glass/Fused Glass work

I am selling my Morton Portable Glass Studio as it is taking up too much space in my studio! Great working order, loads of accessories, lightbox/toolbox, Safety Break System, Circle Cutting System, etc. See my ebay listing for the full spec :) Happy bidding!

Featured on the homepage

I've just blogged about the commissioned coasters I made for sales and thought I'd have a browse through the other stuff for sale on the website. Look who is featured first on the homepage! Yup, my Beached coasters! Cool.

Coaster commissions

After listing a handful of my glassy goodies on Folksy, I've already made a couple of commissions. Here are some snaps of my Beached and Harlequin coaster designs. They're looking pretty good against the slate if I do say so myself :)