Saturday, 31 May 2008

And I'm spent!

Last set for today, or at least that's how I feel at the moment! Thought a mixed set of black & white, white & black would look pretty amazing. Can't beat the classic combos :)

'Electric Shock' - work in progress

I'm bursting with new ideas but am now running low on energy! (Give me credit - I have been non-stop since 6am!!). Here's a new bowl-in-progress called 'Electric Shock'. Not sure if it will stay like this but here's the design for now. I think it will be really stunning when it's finished.

Tomorrow I'm taking some time out. I nearly cancelled due to all the work I'm doing but I WILL be doing my 2nd conservation volunteering day. As far as I know we're bashing posts into the ground around newly planted trees. Great therapy I think!

More for the Sudeley show

More coasters for the show. Love these! I think, even though it's horrible to cut (and I have drawn blood from it today!), I love this new, bright white.

Glassy ideas are a-flowing!

I'm busy working away (was up at 6am!) on glassy goodies for the Sudeley Castle show on 14th/15th June (see earlier post). Here's some new coaster work waiting to go in the kiln. Loving the white stripes! They are going to be mixed sets so you'll get one of each of red/pink, orange/yellow, green, blue:

The pale pink fires to a rich rosy pink so they'll look a bit different when they're done. Also adding some of my own special textured copper to the pair on the top left.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Card twirly whirly!

Just invested in a card display stand for shows. Think it will really get people over as it's quite tall & makes the cards look even more professional :) To paint, or not to paint, that is the question!

Commission work: With Friends

Alongside making new wares for the fair, I am working on a couple of commissions. One is for an unframed wall panel, like one I made as a gift for my folks a while back. I've been meaning to put these on my website for a while (and will do very soon!) as they seem to get a great response and I love making them. The design I am working on is called 'With Friends'. Here's a work-in-progress shot:

And the finished article from my folk's house:

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

***CRAFT FAIR*** 14th & 15th June '08 @ Sudeley Castle

Come see me and my work @ Sudeley Castle in the heart of the Cotswolds. I will have a stall at the craft fair which will be taking place alongside the big hot air balloon event on the 14th & 15th June. Click here for a map. See you there!

I will be working non-stop on stock and new ideas for the fair, so commissions will be on hold 'til the 16th June.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I've been blogged!

How nice, my work and I have been blogged by a fellow etsy seller, Angie. Here's the link to the post on her blog:

Monday, 19 May 2008

Oo! Oo! IJ4 :D

so the reviews are looking very good for Dr Jones. The Times & Empire both give him 4/5 stars. I really, really, really can't wait 'til I see it on Friday!

Lancashire Life magazine

just got home to this email...

"I am contacting you from the new Lancashire Life magazine shop and I would like to find out more about how we could sell your products to our readers. I have attached a document outlining how this could work for you and would very much like to hear from you to discuss this further.

Regards, Tina

Tina Veater
Lancashire Life Shop"

cool! will let you know what comes of it. very flattering i must say to be approached. maybe it will break my current case of 'the lazies' !!

Spotted on the etsy homepage again

I missed this one but a friend of mine spotted my rainbow coasters on the main homepage of etsy over the weekend and emailed me a screengrab. More flattery & ego-boosting! I love it when my stuff gets chosen:

I'm right next door to Budan Art whose work I adore! How cool is that?! I have quite a few of her pieces (including the one featured!). They're so unique and interesting. Do check out her work.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Handmade Heaven glass selected in another etsy treasury

My work has been selected to be featured in another etsy treasury. This time it's one of my fused glass pendants "Fiesta". It's lovely to have my work recognised and chosen by a total stranger, then displayed under their name as items they love. Most flattering :)

Friday, 16 May 2008


So, this is a glass fuser's blog, right? So where is all the glass?! Yes, yes, I know, I've been slacking. I've been so hectic socially lately that HH glass has taken a back seat. However, I have been thinking about what's next and, following my friend Tash's suggestion, I am going to expand the 'Lime Trifle' range. So far, I have plans for 'Strawberry trifle', 'Black cherry trifle' and 'Lemon cheesecake'. Any more name suggestions are more than welcome!

Here's a picture of the current 'Lime trifle' design, which I'm sure you'll agree, looks like cream, jelly, chocolate and jam:

Monday, 12 May 2008

Sunday @ Woodchester - Conservation volunteering

Oh I slept well last night! Spent all the day before working very hard on a conservation task down in Woodchester nr Stroud. We were on the edge of the woods, near the lakes, clearing felled trees and burning them. The group were all very friendly and I had a really good time. I was SOOOO hot as the day was a scorcher already but add in going up and down a VERY steep hill covered in loose leaf litter, etc, carrying half a tree and passing a roaring fire! I did have a fab time though and will definitely go again. I felt like I did when I was kid, grotting about in the outdoors! Such a huge change from being behind a computer day to day. Wish I could do that kind of work all the time. Forget the gym - be a conservation volunteer!

As there were quite a few of us, we finished the task early so we all went for a walk around the lakes. It was great talking to such a wide range of people. After the walk, a couple of us went round Woodchester Mansion. I've been twice before already and I would recommend it as a visit to anyone in the area. It's fascinating to see how those big mansions were put together.

Amazingly, I not only turned down the offer of a BBQ, but also a drink in the pub! I was absolutely shattered & was tucked up in bed by 9.30pm! What a great day though :)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Conservation volunteering

I recently signed up as a conservation volunteer. I fancied doing something a bit different that would get me away from work! Chopping down trees, building paths, clearing woodland, etc seemed like a great thing to do. Hard work but fun, meeting new people and having a laugh :) My first 'task' is at Woodchester this weekend, working for the National Trust. I'm a bit nervous to meet a whole bunch of new people but am really excited to be helping out :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

1st bank holiday in may

Had such a lovely time this bank holiday. My big bro came up from Kent to visit and despite mixed weather we had a brilliant time. It was lovely to have him all to myself and I fear we regressed a fair bit over the 3 days he was here! I think sometimes you need to let your hair down. We certainly had a good giggle.

Sunday we went to a National Trust property near Clevedon/Bristol. The house is called Tyntesfield and it's one of the best and most interesting properties the Trust owns.

On Monday we went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park (along with the world and his wife!). On the way down we had a look at where I used to live, 200yds from the park. Was interesting to pop back after not living there for about 7 years! Anyhoo, I was snap-happy with my camera in the zoo. I love my camera so much! Here are a couple of fave photos:

Nosey baby lemur:
Pretty plover:

Friday, 2 May 2008

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' film

I went to the cinema last night for the first time in a while. There hasn't really been very much on lately so my regular cinema-going hasn't happened much. I went to see 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' not really knowing very much about it. I was under the impression it'd be another cheesy 'rom-com' blockbuster type film. I'd enjoy it but wouldn't really rate it. Luckily, I was wrong. It was subtle, funny, clever and 'real'. I'd recommend this film to everyone as it was great to be pleasantly surprised by a film for a change. Read this review (which is very similar to my thoughts), then go see it!

...It goes without saying that I got all giddy when watching the new Indy trailer, again. First time I saw it on the 'big screen' though. Oh, I really can't wait to watch it! Only a few more days to wait...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Handmade Heaven cufflinks in action!

My dad came down to visit me on Friday and arrived after a day visiting a client. Not only was he wearing a pair of my cufflinks (which looked brilliant, I might add - I got all excited to see them worn, as I usually do with the cufflinks. It shouldn't do but it always surprises me how fab they look worn. Anyway...), he had also been telling his client all about my work and how great it would be for them to commission something bespoke from me. That's the spirit, dad!