Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fun and funky fused glass rings for sale!

Yep, I FINALLY got round to photographing and listing my handmade fun & funky fused glass rings on my website. There's lots of choice...

BubblzStaxMinistaxBubblstaxStrypzand some mixed one-offs

Funky fused glass commissions

Here are the photos of my finished commissions I've been blogging about over the past few days. Firstly the latticeware bowl 'Iced Sugarplum' which is certainly sugary and edible!

The other commission I've finished is 7 pairs of 'Kryptonite' cufflinks for the groom and ushers at a wedding. I like seeing lots of cufflinks in the same design together. They look really smart. I hope they help make the big day extra special :)

Change of plan

Those who follow my blogging waffle might remember I've earned a sabbatical from work after 7 years in my current job. I'd wanted to go to the Andes/Amazon/Galapagos as my 'trip of a lifetime' but I have changed my mind now. I'm going to go to New Zealand! How exciting!! I need to check with my boss if the dates I fancy are ok, so, fingers crossed! My aunt went for a month in January and showed me her photos at the weekend. That made my mind up. I am so giddy about it!!!

Oh, the latticeware bowl should be cool enough to photograph tonight so I will get on the case. This blog needs some more glassy goodies I think! :)


Saw a link to twitter on Laura Sparling's BeadsByLaura blog which I follow and thought, as I've heard lots of twittering about twitter, I'd give it a go. Find me here...

Give me a shout if you're on there too. :)

Monday, 23 February 2009


It's been a while since I've followed who has been picking out my glassy goody photos on the web for show & tell. I noticed today on flickr that one of my fave photos of my Blackjax artwork has been selected as a 'february fav' by Candice McLean, here. Can't seem to get onto her blog but it's nice to be chosen :)

My latest latticeware bowl is cooking in the kiln today and should be cooled enough to photograph tomorrow. I have some Kryptonite cufflinks to finish off tonight and I may try to photograph the 30 or so rings I've had made which are waiting to be listed on my website!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Bubblegum Swirl, Seabreeze & a beautiful painting

Oo, just got another order, this time for a set of 6 'Bubblegum Swirl' coasters. The Kryptonite cufflinks are in the kiln as of this morning, along with a latticeware bowl, so expect to see photos after the weekend.

The work I planned to do over the weekend (mainly data entry *yawn*) is on hold as I have been called to my folks' for an impromtu family get-together. Looking forward to it :)

On my way 'oop narth' I am doing a swap - a latticeware bowl for a painting by talented artist Kate Wilkins. She painted a beautiful flower picture for my folks in exchange for one of my latticeware bowls which she plans on putting in the kitchen of her new house. Here's the bowl I made, 'Seabreeze'...

And the beautiful painting...

Have a nice weekend :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Back from hols & home to orders :)

So, I've been on the yearly ski trip and it was as amazing as ever! I LOVE skiing, well, I snowblade these days which is great fun :) To be honest, we had too much snow, as some times we were skiing through blizzards and clouds where we couldn't see much beyond a couple of metres but that's all part of the challenge! I am back in one piece, so that's good :)

I have lots of orders and enquiries to sift through now I am back. I spent last night catching up with emails, some purchases, some commissions, some wholesale enquiries. It's all go, as ever! One order is for 7 pairs of my Kryptonite cufflinks. I'll post photos as new items are made.

My next task is to sort through all my paperwork - my least favourite part of running my glassy business. I have, at least, managed to stack all receipts and invoices into one place in my studio these days which saves hunting around for all relevant paperwork! Data entry is not my idea of a good time but it is part and parcel of business so I need to get onto it soon. I usually have a go at it every 3 months so it's too much of a mammoth task at year end! Wish me luck!! :)

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Valentine's All-in-One

Well, I got another commission for more of my funky fused glass and this time it was for the ever-popular 'Happy Ever After' coaster duo. I offer this with personalised text on the reverse to make them extra special. The commissionee also ordered one of my hand-carved stamp cards, in the 'Lovebirds' design, and at this time of year I can't see it being for any other occassion other than Valentine's Day! I'm glad I was a good one-stop-shop for card and gift :)

Better late than never!

Ha! Away for an age again!! Well, I've just got round to photoshopping the photos of those commissions I mentioned in my last post. I was really pleased with the way they turned out and to be honest, I can't pick which one I prefer out of the two! Maybe you have a preference?

Here's the 'Secrets' fused glass framed artwork all done and dusted...

And here is the latticeware bowl commissioned for a fun and funky kitchen. This one is called 'Jaffa liquorice'...