Saturday, 11 October 2008

The big 3-0!

Yep, I'll be turning the big 3-0 quite soon and I'm just planning my trip away. Last year I went to Budapest with my little bro and had an amazing time :) This year my first plan was for Prague, but I was a bit worried it would be too loutish and spoilt so I've opted for Krakow in Poland. Should be pretty bracing at the end of November but I love wrapping up. Hopefully it should be pretty quiet so I can enjoy the city and surrounding area relatively uninterrupted.

Photo by elliot23 on flickr

No trip to Krakow would be complete without a tour to the locations used in Schindler's List (stunning & moving movie) and visiting Austwitchz. A strange thing to do on a birthday trip but it's something that interests me on so many levels. I want to try to understand, but I know I never will.

I'm also hoping to see the Wieliczka salt mines too. I saw them on one of Michael Palin's programmes once and they look amazing. So, a bit of a whirlwind tour as I'm only going for 4 nights but it should be very memorable :) It will be the first time I will be away for my actual birthday too so that will be a bit odd!

Salt Mines
Photo by Pete Reed on flickr

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