Monday, 27 October 2008

What's this? Glass, on a glassy blog?! Whatever next!

Yes, that's right folks! I managed to slip in some kiln goodies in amongst the domestic stuff and uBou craziness!! I've fired a beautiful latticeware bowl made on commission via some of my gift vouchers (make great Xmas pressies!), in some beautiful autumnal colours. In homage to 'Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds' (grew up on listening to this in the car!), I've called it 'Forever Autumn' :)

This is a snapshot of the bowl, post-firing (flat). Love it!

I also went big on cufflinks, making the glass for 35 pairs, 5 of each of the designs I mentioned before. These are nearly ready to be shipped out. Just need the finishing touches. :)

Sorry about the rubbish photos! Just took some quickies without my usual lighting.

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