Sunday, 19 October 2008

I'm still alive, just super busy

You know how usually I'm rushing about doing allsorts of things? Well, I am now past that stage and have hit uber busy!! Sorry I am neglecting my blog. Here's my current to do/just did list...
  • liase with pub to book uBou2 in
  • sort out food & drink for uBou2
  • update uBou website with new artists
  • write application pack, form and terms & conditions for uBou2
  • email uBou-ers with said application material/answer uBou emails
  • create excel file with all uBou info in it so i don't forget what
    i'm doing!
  • update Handmade Heaven website
  • make 35 pairs cufflinks for wholesale order
  • order in supplies for said wholesale order/packaging for uBou
    gift bags
  • design, create and order in cards for glassy samples for Handm@de/uBou show freebies
  • order glue for said card freebies once decided the type it is/what it's called!
  • pack up and post 'Patience' latticeware bowl which just this minute sold
  • create 6x 'Huge Heart' coasters for a commission
  • make more stuff for Handm@de fair
  • sort out bloody car!!
  • domestic stuff
  • eat/sleep - or at least try to sleep!!
etc, etc!!

So, I shall get back to proper blogging asap when things have calmed down a bit.

Bye, bye 'Patience'

I also want to say RIP to TishTash Art, my friend's painting venture which she has sadly laid to rest due to a big promotion at work and health problems from trying to be superwoman! Chin up Tash. Hope things sort themselves out now you'll have time for yourself xx

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  1. Cor, you are busy!

    If you get a mo I've tagged you. Please see my blog for details. :o)


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