Thursday, 23 October 2008

Freebie giveaways

With my next two events just around the corner - Handmade on the 9th Nov @ Oxford Town Hall and uBou Christmas on the 30th November @ The Royal Oak, Prestbury, Cheltenham I've been a busy bunny.

Each event will have take-away goody bags, filled with lovely samples and info on all manner of talent artists and designer/makers. I am providing little samples of fused glass on specially designed cards and I made the first batch this morning. I am really pleased with how they've turned out. I think they look really professional and will give visitors to the events an idea of my work and be nice little take-home samples. I plan on making 100. I have made 16 so far! hahaha!

If you wanted to do something similar, I've used Bostik removable 'sticky dots' which have worked a treat! Took me a while to find what I wanted - not easy when you don't know the name of something! I picked removable ones so the glass could be easily taken off the card. I'm considerate like that!

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