Wednesday, 8 October 2008

More glassy goodies - handmade fused glass artwork

Sorry about the delay blogging. What with the prep for uBou, my Welsh hols and a trip home for a hen do/family visit I've not had too much time for Handmade Heaven! However, I do have some new artwork to show you. I made these pieces in preparation for the uBou event. They looked fabulous out on their own little display table and got lots of attention. All three are now on my website on the framed art page.

The first is one of my popular 'Faith, Hope & Charity' designs in luscious pinks, with copper heart, dot and wire spiral detailing, as well as thin copper strips which turn a sparkly turquoise blue with the heat of the kiln. This piece can be stood on a table, shelf or sideboard, or hung on a wall. The next is similar in style to the previous piece, but in delightful purples, lavender and rich browns. This one is called 'Love in Lavender'. Finally I created another one of my fab retro-esque 9-nugget piece artworks. This is a multi-layered, multi-coloured creation in white, purple, lavender, green and sparkly dichroic glass. The trios of glass form a fun, funky square picture, perfect for any wall. Remember, glass art will never fade! This one's called 'Fairy Glen Fondant'. I am planning on making more like this very soon :)

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