Friday, 3 October 2008

uBou : Unique Boutique - event#1 is a rip-roaring success!!

i had a fantastic time and it went REALLY well! had so much positive feedback about the idea from sellers & jo public too. had lots of folk saying 'when is your next one' and 'i had some friends who would have love to have come to this' and 'we'd love to come to another one' etc etc :) the landlord seemed keen to have us back, and you struggled to find somewhere to park cos it was so busy! and it was even raining too but i didn't notice as we were packed out from 7pm when we opened to round about 9ish when things went a little quieter. We had people in right up until just before 10pm when it finished :) I had one of my best shows selling wise I've had for ages too! Yay! The atmosphere was great, with a lovely venue, music, food & drink. People even wandered in from the pub with their pints! I got chatting to loads of enthusiastic people (my fave customers being 2 builders who came back to my stand about 3 times & both left with purchases! ...and poss some work for me making bespoke bathroom tiles!). I love that interaction and this was a real social event. I think everyone really enjoyed the evening. Here's to more uBou!!!! :D :D :D

I had to take these photos from behind my stall - I was too busy to leave it! I didn't even get time to walk round and see everyone which was very frustrating but better to busy, eh! I know George took some other photos. I didn't even snap a photo of my own stall!! Bah!

See more photos from the event HERE, taken by George of 'By George' handmade chain maille. :)

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on such a fab evening. Steph I am really interested in knowing how you went about this. I would love to do something like in in my neck of the woods but have not got a clue where to start! Do you have any words of advice?
    Welldone and congratulations again!


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