Monday, 13 October 2008

Ooo, light fantastic!

I'm getting things ready for a big (hopefully!) fair in Oxford Town Hall called Handm@de on the 9th November. I bought the white shelving unit a while ago but haven't used it yet. It will give me more height and looks really professional, I think. Yesterday I bought two new lights which is kinda why I took this photo. They're great! They give out as much light as the 6 smaller lights I was using before and fold down flat so will be easy to pack away and carry. They are fully re-positionable too so I can point the light exactly where I need it. I'm excited about lights. Oh dear!

You can also see my new cloth in this picture. It's a bright red with a Scandinavian pattern and makes such a big difference. The moss coloured one I was using before was a little bland and I wanted to have something that more reflected my bright, fun and colourful work. Must say a big THANK YOU to my mum for hemming the new cloth for me!! x

I'm really pleased with how the stall looks in this mock-up. Planning before an event is always a good idea and I'm glad I did it. Now I know I don't need extra lights - well, maybe 2, but not the full 6 old ones as well as the new! I also now know how I am going to set up the basics of the stall so this should save me time on the day. More time to make things look pretty & buff up my glass!


  1. The display looks fab! Love that material.

  2. Thanks! I HAD to have it as soon as I saw it. It's as red as that heart bead in your favicon :)


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