Thursday, 2 October 2008

'Hot Colours' fused glass latticeware bowl & new 'trifle' coaster duo

Before I went away I took some photos of my latest glassy goodies. I got another handmade fused glass latticeware bowl commission in 'hot colours' and was subsequently told that the recipient's fave colour was red. So, I went on red overload and made 'Vulcania'. I love the richness of colour to this one. Very warm indeed! My photos aren't the best as I took them at about 6am the morning before I went away. Hey ho!

Love how you can see the edges of the bowl reflected in this photo :)
Along with the commissioned bowl, I threw in (well, carfeully cut, cleaned and laid out!) this 'Raspberry Chocolate Trifle' coaster duo in pinks and browns. Another edible set, I think you'll agree. This pair is now available to buy on my coaster duos page.

I used my new polarising filter on my camera for this photo. It took out a lot of the usual blue reflection/glare I get on some of my glassy photos. You can see more detail, I think.


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