Friday, 1 October 2010

Internet find: Lush Designs - Lightshades, etc

* Internet find of the day *
This isn't technically an internet find as I came across these fabulous lightshades and other goodies by 'Lush Designs' whilst on my week off, mooching about Lytham, near Blackpool. But they have a website and I wanted to share! Their designs are something quite different and I really like the style of illustration and funky colourways.

I really liked this pale colourway which I imagine will look fab lit up.

And this stylised fox and cubs is lovely.

My mum and I both adored these wild boars and the flora around them.

These cards they do are also very stylish, in bright colourways with added foil 'bling'. We bought a few of these and it was very hard to choose between the designs as we loved them all!

They sell tea towels, bags, cushions, aprons, clocks, decorations... allsorts! Take a look - might make for a lovely alternative gift. I emailed the ladies who make these and got a lovely reply, so I wholehearted support their talented work :)

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